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kmoose 10-02-2017 07:35 AM

Las Vegas Shooting
Reported over 50 dead and 200 injured.... I'm still trying to process this and am praying for all involved.

Marcus 10-02-2017 09:04 AM

Re: Las Vegas Shooting
Chilling Warning Before Shooting Attack: "You Are All Going To Die"

Marcus 10-02-2017 12:48 PM

Re: Las Vegas Shooting

techwiz44 10-02-2017 01:06 PM

Re: Las Vegas Shooting
celebrities and politicians will call for gun control in 3 - 2 - 1 :eek:

let no crisis go to waste

prayers for the victims and families affected, it's heartbreaking

Marcus 10-02-2017 05:49 PM

Re: Las Vegas Shooting

Originally Posted by techwiz44 (Post 2153276)
celebrities and politicians will call for gun control in 3 - 2 - 1 :eek:

That was the first words out of Hitlary's mouth. Boy, the timing of all this is impeccable. Just in time to take all the attention off the facism in Spain right now.
Spanish PM Rajoy Blasts Catalans' "Mockery Of Democracy", Says Spain "Responded With Firmness, Calm" Injuring 761 People

Where's the murder weapon? How did he attain a machine gun?? How about pics of the inside of the hotel and all his weapons?? This crap is starting to stink.

CBS Fires Exec Who Slammed Vegas Dead As "Country Music Fans Who're Often Gun-Toting Republicans"

jfjf 10-02-2017 07:22 PM

Re: Las Vegas Shooting
Terrible situation. How can you defend against something like this. I offer my condolences, since there are probably members who have been personally impacted by this tragedy.

On the other hand...I have looked at only a tiny bit of the media coverage, but the guy bashed out the window and was shooting into the crowd and it continued for over an hour?

Is that correct? Saw video of the police strolling through the hotel methodically checking rooms, seemingly without any knowledge of the little clue of bashed out windows?

Maybe my understanding is way off, but it sounds like they determined the fire was being directed downward from some distance, but they couldn't quickly narrow down the source?

The video of the hotel showed a huge, conspicuous portion of the window being gone.

I heard one audio 911 call that was from a guy on the 22nd floor saying the shooter was above him on the 23rd? Over an hour to get to the hotel door?

What if he was on the roof, without the windows to clue them in.. how long would the LE response be delayed?

OBLIGATED 10-02-2017 07:30 PM

Re: Las Vegas Shooting
Shooter and his father were POS.Father on FBIs Most Wanted list for armed robbery and the shooter is a Anti Trump pussy hat wearing murderer.:scratch:
I still cant wrap my head around someone mowing down people because you disagree with their beliefs.Sick POS.
There is video of him protesting in his hat and NASA shirt.Guess I should of saved it but I was kind of repulsed and sick to my stomach at the time.

Wayward Son 10-02-2017 09:38 PM

Re: Las Vegas Shooting
these democrats are telling me a helluva lot more about themselves than I expect to ever learn about the murderer.

Marcus 10-02-2017 09:52 PM

Re: Las Vegas Shooting
There were actually two window broken from the Hotel from the pics I seen. I can provide.
I've heard a bunch of speculation but nothing absolute besides his father being a fugitive fem the FBI. Please cite your sources. There's enough rampant spec to go around. Some truth would be nice...including actual evidence from the crime which, suspiciously authorities have been absent on.

OBLIGATED 10-02-2017 10:24 PM

Re: Las Vegas Shooting

Video of the scumbag murderer.

OBLIGATED 10-02-2017 11:48 PM

Re: Las Vegas Shooting


Marcus 10-03-2017 12:46 AM

Re: Las Vegas Shooting

Originally Posted by OBLIGATED (Post 2153303)

Video of the scumbag murderer.

Linky no worky.

CNN stoking the civil war fire. This is a globalist agenda.

CNN Reporter: "These Country Music Supporters Were Likely Trump Supporters"

riplipper 10-03-2017 07:42 AM

Re: Las Vegas Shooting
IF, and I say if, they find he was some freaking butt hurt democrat out for revenge, the MSM will never mention that fact and you will never hear a single democrat politician address or condemn what he did. Which is really freaking pathetic.

one thing is for sure, he was a sick, pathetic, coward piece of shit....

Marcus 10-03-2017 08:25 AM

Re: Las Vegas Shooting
He was a Patsy. Now they're claiming he had 42 guns and that he used a 'bump stock' to create the auto fire. BS! That had to have been a belt fed machine gun and likely 2 shooters.
I also heard alleged police recordings from the event. It sounded scripted w/ ZERO background chatter. More BS. Has anyone seen any blood out of all the videos taken? 60 people dead?? That's a lot of bodies. No pictures, no credibility.

Wayward Son 10-03-2017 09:26 AM

Re: Las Vegas Shooting
lot's of crap floating around, most of which likely isn't accurate.

most of what we have at this point is simply guessing.

We do know that he had no significant criminal record, as a gun store that sold him some guns reported that he passed the NICS checks for them. We know that there are no reported known mental issues in the past. there was no reason to strip him of any of his rights that have been revealed so far.

the press has made much over the fact that in total he has 42 guns. so what? I've had that many at times, though I think right now I'm a bit under that total. not sure without doing a count. he had a lot of ammo. well, if you have guns you usually have ammo for them & if they're in different calibers that can turn into a lot of ammo pretty quick. lots of us have a bunch of guns & lots of ammo. I hand load most of mine so I not only have a lot of ammo, I have a lot of powder, primers, brass & bullets to make it with as well as the tools to do so. having a bunch of guns & ammo is neither a crime nor an indication that you have any harmful intent, I've had this stuff for decades.

I've seen a fair bit of alarmist reporting about his having had explosives, but now it seems to just be tannerite. They make it sound like he was on the brink of being the Ok City bomber & then reveal that he had a reactive substance that people quite commonly buy to shoot at, not a thing unusual in someone having some.

some have made a point bout his dad's record but that's irrelevant. we don't punish people & take their rights away for crimes they had no involvement in or responsibility for.

the big unanswered question is "why?". maybe we'll figure it out one day, maybe not. I can think of several possibilities but it's all just guessing, so I won't do that right now. I would like to know why, if it can be determined.

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