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OBLIGATED 08-30-2017 12:36 PM

Project boats
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Post your project boats and info.We can pour a drink to honor the pain and money spent!:D
Im a glutton for pain so I ended up with three boats sitting in my yard:eek:
The one I have pretty much done except picking latches and a RAM mount for the Lowrance GPS/Fishfinder is a 95 Procraft 180 Fish n Ski boat with a 150 Mercury.
THE BAD:Son bought it with no carpet in it but had black truck bed liner sprayed inside.:confused:Hot as hell on the aluminum hatches.Seats were shot,all the livewells and bilge were clogged and full of rotting vegetation.Water pump was shot.No batteries and he didnt check engine compression before giving my money away:(

THE GOOD:We put a battery in the boat and ran the compression.Great numbers and all close.:thumps:Then we ran the trolling motor....It works!:eek:
After getting a garbage can to clean out the debris and garbage there was no rot and we got a five gallon bucket full of new worms,hooks and lures still unopened from the dry hatches!:D

THE UGLY:Boat parts are expensive and West Marine is over 50 miles away!:mad:I got a new water pump and installed it.Found the carbs were a little varnished so we took them apart and cleaned them.Runs around 50 mph on GPS now(sucks fuel about as fast)Ordered seats from BASSBOAT.COM and 20 oz carpet(upgrade from factory 16oz.Bass boats have a LOT of hatches!Everyone of them had to be ground down and the hinges removed(more grinding).Lots of hatches means you need LOTS of clamps and patience.Boat needed new batteries since it had none and the old fishfinder was fried from the elements so a new lowrance Fishfinder/GPS had to be purchased that would fit in a small area.I had a 900 lumen underwater light so I bought a brass drain plug and installed the light.
Boat still needs a RAM mount for the Lowrance HOOK 4 and some cockpit lights.A good buff and wax will be needed too but its been hot so why do today what you can do in the fall!:D

fishfan 08-30-2017 04:48 PM

Re: Project boats
Finally decided it was time to get the boat I wanted, ran down to TN and picked it up. 26' Imemsa panga....going to do it right!

OBLIGATED 08-31-2017 12:23 PM

Re: Project boats
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I bought this 26 leisurecat because the motor compression was almost factory new and I like cats.Problem was the PO took out the thermostats:scratch:and couldnt figure why the boat would heat up on long hauls into the gulf.My son started removing some bolts and they were shearing.Told him to stop but he is stubborn.Usually you heat the motor up after some PB blaster or othe penetrating oil and you wont need a expensive machine shop to mill and helicoil the bolts!:mad:

The good:Engine was tight,trailer in decent shape,Bimini in good shape,Full canvas screen/isiglass enclosure like new.Boat has twin 40 gal.fuel tanks and 10 gal.water tank with sink,private head with portapotti,Runs in shallows but rides soft in a chop,lots of storage and comfortable seating.Should be able to sell her at a modest profit to put into my sailboat savings.:)

The bad:cushion are there for templates but shot,Floor has soft spot that local wants 700 to repair.Boat had some growth on hull from being at a dock so some clown belt sanded it off so the sides of hulls will need faired and painted to look new.Im thinking Seafoam green.The teleflex froze and seems the PO tried to unfreeze it by turning on the wheel break it free.He broke it but it will not be free!Shift cable was broke also.Boat has no electronics so an easy grand between fishfinder/gps,radio and VHF.

The ugly:Soft deck will not be fun ripping out or the fun day of fiberglassing and grinding.Paying 700 to let someone else cuss and itch still costs 700 bucks!The spots belt sanded look horrible(should be a crime to do that to a boat).Paint and fairing side of hulls will easily be 200 bucks not counting my labor. Cushions are shot and will easily cost 500 just for the sitting area.Benches Im thinking of Sea Dek which isnt cheap either.The machine shop bill was really ugly.
Did I mention I have three boats?:o

OBLIGATED 08-31-2017 12:35 PM

Re: Project boats

Originally Posted by fishfan (Post 2151276)
Finally decided it was time to get the boat I wanted, ran down to TN and picked it up. 26' Imemsa panga....going to do it right!

I wanted to get a Panga because of their efficiency but the wife didnt like them.My dream boats all have sails or are Trawlers.Cant do liveaboarrd because of obligations:(but Im looking for a deal on a Hunter 260 with trailer.Boat ramp launchable,decent sailing boat,CHEAP to operate and no hotel or house rental on vacation because it has a queen size bed.


OBLIGATED 09-05-2017 01:16 PM

Re: Project boats
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The 2000 Bayliner really wasnt a project boat but I forgot to put a heat lamp in the motor well when it got below 30 and it cracked the block.So I ended up buying a new long block 4.3 with a warranty for her.:(Son still wants to keep her but I bought her to sell.

The good:Bought her from a guy that needed attorney money QUICK so I had a margin for profit.Boat ran decent and had a bow cover,bimini and the original top also.Hull was solid and no damage to gelcoat.Boat has a new motor with a 1 year warranty and runs strong and fast!

The bad:Owner left a LOT of garbage in the boat.She needed power washed and a lot of waxing.Fabric on the sun lounge and bench should be redone to look new and speakers to the radio/cd player are on their way out.Boat sucks for fishing.Its great if your young and single to hit tiki bars or ski but not a fishing boat at all.

The ugly:The block cost me 2k and my labor.I have three boats sitting in my yard I have to move every 5-7 days when I mow!

Prater 10-22-2017 07:18 PM

Re: Project boats
I have been off the site for some time, just wanted to share my current project:

1979 Mako 25

The Good: $6000 island buy and had to spend about $250 to get the twin mercury Optimax 150's running. used it for a couple years...

The Bad: One engine went into limp mode and I could not recover with resources on the island.

Purchased two new Mercury 150 Fourstrokes and a new motor bracket/platform and everything else has spiraled into full makeover mode since...

Started with this:



A few between shots:






Todays Progress:


OBLIGATED 10-22-2017 09:08 PM

Re: Project boats
Nice!My kid had me pick one of those up a couple years ago for him.It was a 79 but had twin 140s from the 80s.T top,leaning post,outriggers and a float on trailer.He was going to repaint her in fighting lady yellow but holidays were coming up and work was slow.First day he advertised it some guy from florida called and drove up to the mountains to pick it up.I was glad to get it out of the yard.He was barraged with calls for the Mako for weeks.Mako built a tough,solid boat then.
I have been looking at a 1984 Mako 19 to work on but I have a feeling my wife would mutiny if I pulled another boat home.:D

Prater 10-22-2017 09:14 PM

Re: Project boats
I have two part PPG Marine White that was donated to me for new paint. I just cant decide if I want to keep striping her down or just get the transom and floor finished and use her some more...I cant stand not getting to enjoy the water out here. I started in March. I have a new trailer on the way too...

OBLIGATED 10-22-2017 09:34 PM

Re: Project boats
I started in the winter doing honey-do things hoping I would have the cat done by spring and be in the keys for stone crab and lobster in october:( Should be able to sell all three boats this year and squeeze in a keys trip this winter.
I bit off too much with 3 boats.Going to stick with one project at a time or better yet no projects.

xrispearo 10-23-2017 10:18 AM

Re: Project boats
Taking the thermostats out actually cools the engine. The previous owner must have a impeller problem or some other reason for overheating. Taking thermostats out is a cheap way to cool the engine

Wood Guy 10-23-2017 10:52 AM

Re: Project boats

Originally Posted by xrispearo (Post 2154932)
Taking the thermostats out actually cools the engine. The previous owner must have a impeller problem or some other reason for overheating. Taking thermostats out is a cheap way to cool the engine

It's true, it will run cooler- cooler than it was designed to run. They are there for a reason, that being to make the engine run at it's optimum temperature.
Taking the thermostats out will eventually result in plug fouling, poor idling, and poorer fuel economy. If the engine is running hot without the thermostats, it's most likely a worn water pump impeller as stated above.

OBLIGATED 10-23-2017 09:56 PM

Re: Project boats
Previous owner had the thermostats and poppet valves out:confused:He was running about 60 miles out in the gulf that way!Water pump works fine.The new thermostats and poppet valves are in and no issues.Shop said they get clogged with buildup if you dont flush well with fresh water.They are in there for a reason.
Older son wanted to keep her but he just got a offer to go work the oilfields again in the Dakotas so there goes my help.

kmoose 10-24-2017 07:38 AM

Re: Project boats
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Why I didn't get a lot of spearfishing done this summer..... Full gutted restoration of my 23 SeaCraft. Here is a pick of the initial gutting. Pretty much a cap off restoration and mod.

kmoose 10-24-2017 07:40 AM

Re: Project boats
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Here we go...

kmoose 10-24-2017 07:41 AM

Re: Project boats
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Getting itchy yet?

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