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HOLDFAST 01-07-2018 10:42 AM

2018 Lessons Learned Dive Safe
This is why I prefer #FREEDIVING over #Scuda while #Spearfishing we had to tank up the Amberjack were 100-130í and deeper!. So sometimes you have to do both! And classic me I was using a reel on my speargun (still in freedive mode) (should have used a riding rig) I was Diving with a Buddy! While taking my shot as soon as I hit him the fish took off! I head shot him and he was like a tornado swimming circles around me! I spun with him trying to keep control, then line snagged my tank behind me and damn fish took me down to 170í ripped my regulator out my mouth twice. Was able to use backup regulator. Finally was able to inflate BC get regulator in my mouth and do a slow ascent to the surface. 12mins insanity

I am posting this so you learn even with proper gear things can turn for the worse quick! How did I manage through this? Well simple! I stayed calm! Step # 1! I immediately reached for backup air! Then I immediately grabbed and started to slowly inflate BC!!!! Slowly! Didnít want to rocket to the surface and have lungs in my lap! While continuing to try to Manage the fish! Why could I not cut him free? My upper body was tied up! When my dive buddy got involved he got a little tied up as well. We both had fish to deal with. This is reality no matter how much gear you have, backup systems, dive buddy! Everything can change in life within seconds!

Even #freediving I have had floatline and reelline snag my ankle, my dive knife on calf, Snorkel and mask! It happens!

Just stay calm!!! Work your way through by the steps!! Always dive with a buddy!!!

At the end of the day it was a fish I have shot probably 100 or more of! And just must understand every fish I shoot is a new adventure! So Spearfishing is nothing like any other hunt you will do in your life!!!!

As 2018 continues I pray for all #watermen all #freedivers and #scubadivers ! All #Spearfishing men, women, and children! Stay safe DONT DIVE ALONE! Stay calm when things get crazy!!!


Spearing Magazine
Cheers and Prayer for 2018

HOLDFAST 01-07-2018 11:36 AM

Re: 2018 Lessons Learned Dive Safe
Anyone else have any 2018 Lessons

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