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Castronova 09-11-2019 02:13 PM

Wahoo Charter - Key West
Hello All,

Native Key West Conch here, decided after many many years of taking people out to learn how to shoot wahoo I am going to start chartering specifically for wahoo this winter. I will be specializing in bluewater although sometimes we can't control the conditions so it could mean a move onto the reef occasionally.

I am keeping the dates limited around full and new moons. The trips will leave around 6:30 AM and I will run them from November to February, possibly March if they are still around.

My goal is to attract those divers who want to put in what it takes to find and land wahoo.

The vessel, "Bar Stroll", is a 28 Contender with twin 200 Suzuki's I've owned since 2014.

The website is up. You can check the calendar and see available dates and put down a deposit. If there are dates you would like that are not available please get in contact with me and we can discuss.

I personally shot over 20 last season just going on weekends here and there, 2 over 70 lbs and 2 over 70 lbs the year prior. Last season they were in large schools from November through March. On many days we saw hundreds of fish with schools of fish as far as you can see. If they are here, we will find them.

I will have some limited gear to lend and gun(s) to rent. I can also guide and take photos for additional cost.

Please visit the site and contact me or comment on here for answers to any questions you may have.

Thank you,



Timinator 09-11-2019 02:51 PM

Re: Wahoo Charter - Key West
I wouldn't mind going for a couple of days, but I'm a single. Any others out there want to group up?

Castronova 09-11-2019 06:29 PM

Re: Wahoo Charter - Key West
I want to point out, or make clear, the reason certain dates are not available on the site calendar is because I have made available those days with the highest chance of success for targeting the fish. Yes, you can find them and in decent numbers on random days. If someone wants to go in between and take a chance, maybe because they'll only be in town a certain day, that is fine. I just want it to known the chances are better around the moons and my goal is successful clients.

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