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OBLIGATED 09-23-2019 10:13 AM

Re: Project boats
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Bought my old 07 Carolina Skiff back from my BIL.

The bad:Boat was filthy.Took 3 tanks of gas on the pressure cleaner and two bottles of Zep mold and mildew to clean her and a half garbage can of bags,line,cups and goo.None of the electronics would work.Bimini boot was missing and the top filthy and torn.Trailer tires are shot.Electronics are original and old,Minn kota 80# troller is missing the remote so I cant test and batteries are original.Wiring looks like a rats nest under the console.All the original caulking around console and decks is peeling out or gone.Console cushions are shot from sun and neglect.:eek:

The good:Bought her back well under low NADA.Engine hours under 100 and runs like new.Boat cleaned up nice and I got electronics working.Ordered trailer tires online with galvanized rims for under 200 bucks.Bimini is usable.I own her.No payments to worry about.

The plan:
1 T -Top with box,rod holders,antenna mount,running light and cockpit lights.Thats one of the expensive parts.
2 new blue tooth radio and speakers and Fish finder/chart plotter,hand held radio for backup and a PLB just in case.More expensive parts!
3 Seat cushions are shot and wife wants a front deck cushion.So probably going to do console cushions and the leaning post cushions all at once to match.:DCheapest and first project!
4Wife wanted deck cushion to sun bathe so Im considering Sea Dek.She likes the teak look.Its a compromise I can live with.Im afraid to look at pricing.
5Minn Kota is hard wired.I want to put a plug in the front and a plate with quick release.I used the troller here a lot and for Snook and Tarpon fishing but dont need it in the way for BBQ days,offshore fishing or diving.If I cant get the remote and the motor working B.O.A.T will be 2x

Weather is cooling and Striper fishing will get hot so Im hoping to run her every few days and upgrade as time and money allows.Between the house projects and a dog with a litter of pups due today I will be strapped here for over a month before I can get my saltwater fix.:(

OBLIGATED 11-01-2019 07:30 PM

Re: Project boats
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Time has been limited for the boat but I managed to get a new Kenwood Marine radio installed,new radio cover and some cheap Boss Marine LED speakers.
Also ordered underwater lights from Diablo.They say 2800 lumens(probably not)but I got the two lights that go on one drain plug.Shines bright blue about 25 ft back.
Took the boat out with a sailing buddy for a few rum and pineapple juice drinks,lunch and cigars.Bilge pump hose cracked so I bought a new one.Temps never reached 60 and wind was 15-20 kts:eek:
If I get a calm evening Im going to take the wife for a cruise to see how the LEDs look at night and possibly fish.
Still babysitting puppies so not much progress on anything and very little sleep.

OBLIGATED 02-14-2020 11:10 AM

Re: Project boats
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A few pics of the cushions before getting recovered.Leaning post was not terrible but I wanted everything to be new and matching patterns.The cushions are back but its 35 degrees out so possibly tomorrow I will have pics of cushions.
Console needs buffed and waxed and the hull needs a good waxing.Sun finally came out but I need around 50 degrees and sun to get motivated enough to work outside.

OBLIGATED 02-15-2020 02:23 PM

Re: Project boats
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Cushions are not installed because I have not buffed and waxed yet.Nothing fancy but they added some foam so its more comfortable.Total was 400 bucks.
The T Top with stuff I want on it will be just under 3k.:(Probably order it in March unless I can sell some other toys.

OBLIGATED 02-26-2020 12:22 PM

Re: Project boats
Got some weather in the afternoon above 55 yesterday so I broke out the buffer and some compound.Got 3/4 of one side of the hull done before dark.Really should have done the console first and installed the cushions:o.Weather dont look too warm for a week now.So tired of winter.

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