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Re: How I respond to misinformed busy-body vigilantes harassing me about MLPAs

Originally Posted by arice View Post
I understand why it bothers you to deal with ignorant people, but the code is actually very specific. It says, "Interfere with the participation of" not "harass" and it explains what interfere with means. Unless someone is physically restraining or impeding you, they're not "interfering".

From 2009:

(f) For purposes of this section, "interfere with" means any
action which physically impedes, hinders, or obstructs the lawful
pursuit of any of the above-mentioned activities, including, but not
limited to, all of the following:
(1) Actions taken for the purpose of frightening away animals from
the location where the lawful activity is taking place.
(2) Placing or maintaining signs, gates, locks, or barricades that
prohibit or deny access to lands without authorization from the
landowner or lessee or an authorized designee of the landowner or
(3) Placing food on lands not belonging to the person placing the
food for purposes of eliminating the lawful ability to hunt due to
the presence of bait, as defined in this code or regulations adopted
pursuant to this code.
Okay; in regards to the Childrens' Pool. Read rule #2. Think about the illegal rope they put up.

And then drink a giant glass of Shut the Phuck up.
Ahhh, to go back in time to when everything was so simple. I woke up really early, crawled my way to the dock, gave the boat the once over, started the screws, and cast off the lines when the skipper showed up. I miss that.
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