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Re: California Dive Boats -- the legend of Radon (pictures)

JimmyJam, you can call the Radon shop to get a shirt. Phone, address, and lots of boat pictures can be found on the website (but you'll need to call for a shirt):

I use the underwater cameras to look for WSB in thick kelp and choppy water. It's pretty awesome to nose into a big kelp forest and see a school of seabass without even getting wet -- makes for a lot of motivated divers scrambling to get in the water first. They also help when looking under paddies for YT (especially in rough conditions). And, they are great fun when running through dolphin in the channel. When dolphin ride the bow wave, you get an amazing close-up view of the pod.

"Congrats to Don Radon, a living legend for sure." Agree!
Lance Merker
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