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Re: Why did they quit making the Scupper Pro?

Originally Posted by hydroid View Post
I just started kayaking and pretty new at it. I had a guy give me an older Scupper Pro. It's a little faded and I had to patch the drain holes and do some fixing up but I love this boat. Just wonder why they dropped it from their line?
Don't know why they dropped it, but it's too bad. I paddle one and love it, but on the other hand, I "fit" into it. I like it because it's narrow compared to many other sit on tops, and you sit deeper into it than many others. These traits to me make it easier to control, like a real kayak. It's also fast for it's length and weight.

Those same traits however, are negatives to many other divers I've paddled with. For folks who are larger/heavier, the boat lacks floatation and the seat is too narrow. I've known a number of folks who started with Scuppers and then moved on to larger yaks with more primary stability, especially for diving and fishing.

I bought mine new from Monterey Bay Kayaks. They only had two left and were not getting more. They said people were passing up the scuppers for more modern and more stable models. This might have a lot to do with it's demise.

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