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Why did they quit making the Scupper Pro?

I have a "prowler clone" which is the future beach / Equinox angler kayak that's 13'4" (160") and it's the same top layout as the Prowler... But has their "double hull" design which is slow in the water... But STABLE!

It can hold up to 500 lbs and I often have a dive buddy sit on the back while I paddle out to some depth for training. Anything more than a mile is a real bear like this though.

Great stable boat with TONS of internal storage.

If you want a Prowler that's even more stable / buoyant / robust and has tons of storage... This is the key. I paid $400 Canadian at Costco but I think Dick's has them in the States.

I'd like to try a scupper pro, but not a lot of them here in Ontario. If have better luck out in Vancouver.

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