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Have you speared another spearo?

Spearing another spearo is irresponsible and easily prevented. With or without a safety, it is possible to live your entire life spearfishing and not spear a fellow fisherman. I know hundreds of spearos and I have never heard of a single incident when they have speared a human. Beginner fishermen have been known to point thier gun at other people but after a scolding, they stop or they are no longer invited. (I changed the word-stupid-to irresponsible) Not a good word I guess.

I always treat the gun as if it could fire randomly at anytime. I do not see any other way to safely deal with a loaded gun. Relying on a safety is risky. In other words, treating the gun as if it is somehow it is impossible to shoot as long as the safety is on.
Don't shoot your buddy!

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