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Project Boat Discussion: Tips, Ideas, Mistakes...

I have decided I am going to buy an old hull and bring it back to life. I'll start by just throwing it out there that if any of you know of a fiberglass hull in the 24-26 foot range with a 9-10 ft beam and deep vee, for cheap sitting in a yard somewhere, let me know.

With that out of the way I have a pretty good idea what I'm going to do and fortunately have some guidance from people who have done this before and know what they are doing, but I'd love to hear about your project dive boat.

Pics would make this thread a lot better!

Let's hear tips, techniques, nightmare stories, successes, whatever. Hell, even a discussion about what your dream "project" dive boat would be.

It's winter, the Gulf is cold, Gags are closing soon, there's no reason this thread shouldn't produce a decent response.
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