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Re: Project Boat Discussion: Tips, Ideas, Mistakes...

Originally Posted by OBLIGATED View Post
I have only bought one power boat new. A 2007 DLV 21 Carolina Skiff package.All the others were used and needed some sort of repairs.Crazy as it sounds I havent lost money on any boat I bought because of sweat(lots of sweat)equity and buying the right boat.
There are times I bite too much off and I have to step back,relax a little and take smaller bites.I have three power boats now.Two are water ready and the cat just needs the teleflex installed and its ready.It has a large soft spot in the front deck but nothing from stopping me from fishing off it.This spring I will sell them and probably buy another sailboat.I never seem to learn
Jump into what you are capable or willing to learn to do.
DUDE! That attachment had me and my wife laughing for 5 minutes! ROFL
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