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Re: big azzzz warsaw yesterday for the tournement

Originally Posted by Diverboy067 View Post
I don't want to put words in his mouth, but I believe that the privileged comment was meant that it was to keep the tournament fun for ordinary, recreational spear fisherman like myself. I stopped doing the tournament a few years ago when it was always the same people winning, that were traveling far distances, doing 200'+ dives and spending days scouting before the was no longer fun for the average guy that goes out a couple of times a month to once a week. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the guys that are running 400 miles a day and spending $1,000 on gas, it's their time and money and they can do with it what they please, but it just made it no fun anymore (IMO) for the typical guy that runs out 50-80 miles and dives 100' or so. It started to feel like I was taking a knife to a gun fight. As I said, not hating on anyone for spending their money and time the way they wish....just expressing my thoughts on the "privileged" comment. Others may have a different take on it (yourself included) and they are no more right or wrong than myself.
Sorry for not getting back to this sooner...but well said. Pretty much took the words out of my mouth. It takes a Lot of money and time to achieve such...more so than a LOT of ordinary spearfishermen have when dealing w/ work/family/etc... There are very few that have made that opportunity work for them and I happily live thru their eyes/adventures on this board. Thank you!
BUT, IMO, the tournament should be geared towards the average spearfishermen...that is if you want max participation. I'm sure that's what the sponsors want...yes?? Who are they going to make the most money off of??

Moose, I certainly understand your point as well...BUT would you've known about the wreck that was reachable by your sled(on a nice day, I presume), if you were not a comm diver? How many Rec divers have you seen hauling in HUGE gags/blacks? Your talent's are certainly admirable, nobody is denying that...BUT, what is the purpose of the sponsorship of these tournaments?? I believe it is to have fun and entice more participation in the sport by average divers that buy the most equipment. If it was about the best of the best then I don't think there would be much prizes by the sponsors. Dig?
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