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Re: PFI training, now opening in LOS ANGELES

Originally Posted by Pfish View Post
Next class?
I have some other work obligations that are trickling in so I don't have anything scheduled for October yet, but I should have some dates in either late October or early November, and I should be starting the intermediate classes by November. I'm really jazzed for those--I can take students up to 40M (that's 133 feet!), and even if you haven't taken our first level class, you can contact me and possibly jump into the intermediate class. It will be a solid 4 day class. I'd recommend it for guys who may not have any formal training but are already comfy hunting at least at 30' or 40' and 'touch and go' divers to 60' or deeper, and of course anyone who has been certified at a PFI first level class would be eligible.

For PFI Freediving classes in the Los Angeles area:
YouTube channel: SoCal Spear-It
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