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Re: Alemanni Demultiplied Rollerguns

Originally Posted by Diving Gecko View Post
Seal, I agree with you in that it is important to have a gun that feels good to you in the water and that it can be totally fine to give up some ultimate power in order to have other things be better (sight line, recoil). If that is your philosophy, then that is super cool and I respect that. There is such a thing as "enough power" for most hunting situations. But it just seems a rare thing for many of you builders to actually "admit" this, perhaps to yourselves, too. Which is a pity as it overshadows the stronger sides of your designs.

I am speculating that these situations arise when Majd tests a gun and it doesn't shoot as powerful as others - or that it doesn't shoot as accurately if really powered up to match his benchmark guns and people get offended about the result. But if you said your gun was built to do other things, not for outright max power, then that could save some frustrations. It is a shorter gun, that is fast and accurate, perhaps with a little bit less power - and it should be tested accordingly. If that is actually the DNA of the gun, then say that upfront.
But of course, if you say it shoots powerful and accurate at 8-9m, Majd will test it against the very best gun he has. And if it falls short, then he will say so and then we have all this frustration. It might still have been great if not pushed as much.

No matter what, I have a lot of respect for your ideas, building and the energy you put into it. The math is on your side, so that breakthrough on the maximum power side should come some day.

I will say this though, if you do care about power then just get the same brand and density of foam as Majd and if the foam manufacturing tolerances are OK, then you can actually compare apples to apples.
Man, I allready compared apples to apples and even made a video.Why do you underestimate that?There is the foam density,shaft lenghts,loading lenghts and everything.Even a loading exercise to proove how fast you load a 3-banded roller.
The best that Majd claims to have are the Abellans and they are just well set simple wooden guns.I only replaced the Abellan with a classic gun made by me,set like the Abellans and shooting like them(this is for sure,I have explored all Majds tests).Dont forget that Abellans sizings are different and Im talking about more compact guns than his Albacore.
If somebody builds a 200 sm gun and shoots at 15 meters will you say that its a miracle? Would you hunt with it? I doubht...
For me this is perfectly enough,I dont pretend to satisfy whole sperafishing world's interests.

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