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Re: Alemanni Demultiplied Rollerguns

Originally Posted by spearq8 View Post
If you have a roller gun that you have confidence with while hunting, then great I think you should stick with it. I recently had one of the most experienced spearos in the world spend 2 days with me in my home pool testing all sorts of guns and configurations. He brought in several guns and we compared guns and setups. He does a lot of spearfishing safaris all over the world and has one of the biggest online spearfishing shops in europe ... and on a spearfishing trip we had this big roller - classic discussion. He would always tell me that the big name rollers were in a class of their own in terms of power and performance, but he would not use them often because they took too long to load and on many of his trips they are in remote areas ... and if something went wrong you were out a gun. Your double roller gun was one of the guns tested and we had another big name roller gun as well. Let me tell you that he went back home with a completely different opinion to what he had before. The best word I can describe when he shot the guns side by side was shock and amazement. I have the video of this testing, but I need to find a way where I can make it more diplomatic to post the video as a lot that was said was very undiplomatic. He was still perplexed to how that kind of power was possible from a 3 banded classic gun, and he seemed to think that the small changes I made to my Albacore 130 had a dramatic effect on performance and that a factory model would not perform like that. Personally I think there is not much difference once you mod the handle. The only change I did on that gun to the one I tested in the Albacore 130 test I posted was that I cut the first 2 bands 2cm shorter because I figured they had stretched out (they were old and I had over 250 shots in them) ... so on those 2 bands the stretch would have been around 390% ... shit ... now I want to try 400% . I was quite surprised at how much of a difference that made as the gun had much more power than the one I tested @ 380%. The increase in power had zero effect on accuracy or controllability ... gun was shooting the same but with more penetration. After passing the 8 meter test and feeling the yank of the gun as the shaft ran out of line ... he tried an accuracy test and at 6 meters he was hitting within 2cm of the bullseye every shot exactly where he was aiming. This is what I mean !!! Power + Flat Shooting + Extremely accurate + Quick loading + Few moving parts ... his words not mine!
Majd, how long is your target/spearfishing experience?I think i allready mentioned that the superiority of prestreched thin bands on classic guns was found many years ago in some parts of the world,so its not a miracle)))After that some people started to look for more.
This reminds me the story about fin bladesI was listening to the old champions who was advising: get the hardest blades,thats why we are champions!..I was punishing myself for some time And after i found the soft blades couldnt find words to thank them
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