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Re: End Commercial Bluefin in CA?

Originally Posted by sweatloaf View Post
Anyone know more details about this effort? I'm for limiting commercial wild bluefin take, and not so hot on catch-and-farm either, but the details here are so scant:
Sorry for being so late on this post don't look here often. I follow all the regulatory processes at the state, federal, and limited international level.

There are so many inaccuracies in this request about commercial fishing.
From the IATTC resolution that passed at this link (My comments are highlighted)

Recognizing that the impact of the fishery for Pacific bluefin tuna in the WCPO is much greater (84%) than in the EPO fisheries (16%) and its rate of increase in recent years has been greater (Document IATTC 83-05, page 75);
WCPO = Western Pacific nations Japan, China, Korea, etc.
EPO = Eastern Pacific Mexico and USA.
So the EPO only takes 16% of the catch of Pacific Bluefin

During 2015 and 2016, in the IATTC Convention Area, total commercial catches of Pacific bluefin tuna by all CPCs shall not exceed 6,600 metric tons, for an effective annual catch of 3,300 metric tons in each year. No CPC shall exceed 3,500 metric tons in 2015. . In the event that the total actual catch in 2015 is either above or below 3,300 metric tons, the catch limit for 2016 shall be adjusted accordingly to ensure that the total catch for both years does not exceed 6,600 metric tons.
Mexico gets 6,000 metric tons over the two years the USA gets 600 of that 6.600 metric tons.

I do not have anything to refute that Pacific Bluefin tuna are at very low stock levels based on the available stock status reports. I have a hard time with individuals/organizations saying the USA is to blame and we need to stop fishing. As you can tell the USA commercial catch is 1/10 what Mexico gets and combined the US and Mexico are only 16% of what is harvested worldwide of this species. These stocks are internationally managed and in the regulations if we do not harvest our small 600 MT over the 2 year period our allotment is already given to Mexico, so the US stopping only harms our commercial fishing families and does nothing for the stock.

That's my observation I can get off my soapbox now...
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