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Re: Ocean Kayak Malibu Two for Spearfishing?

Small anchor on the bow or line with a longline clip if you're tying up to something. Wear your fins and weightbelts with your masks around your necks. Wearing you gear prevents loss and makes flipping a yak in the surf easier with the fins on and no weightbelts in the boat. Clip a mono line stringer to one of the eyelets on the side of the stern. Keep your spearguns laying in the back pointed out with rubber on the tips, and run the stringer through the triggers incase you flip. Attach your paddles with leashes. Brain your fish and don't keep them in the water. They will be fine for longer than you can dive even when it's hot. Wear whistles around your wrists. Don't bring any shit you don't need. Tie down everything. Hopefully this is helpful haha. Enjoy fellas!
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