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Re: 2 or 3 bands for best performance

Originally Posted by Neptonic Systems View Post
We're finding a push toward 14mm bands and they seem to be getting very good results.

Note. We've done some testing on small I.D rubber purchased in the U.S. We're not entirely convinced of the results.
Hey Josh, just FYI,
I have some 9/16" bands I made nice and fresh from the standard ID stuff I just ordered from you. I also have a set of the same length bands made from some small ID 9/16 I just ordered from Petros. I and my sons are going to be trying both sets of bands, along with the default 5/8" bands that came on the new RA 110 I got from you.

Both sets of 9/16 bands are cut to 350% stretch when loaded properly. The factory 5/8" are at about 300% and 320%, as they are the same length, so don't stretch the same.

I'm only running a single wrap of 300# mono, so I'm only looking for good accuracy out to that range.

I'll post the results when I can get into some clear water.

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