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Re: Looking for a buddy in kona

Picked up some weights today and spent a couple hours snorkeling / diving in Kailua bay. Left the gun at home, just checking things out. Super easy entry/exit from a shelf that is just about ideal as you could imagine.

Only went out about halfway to the floating island where they rent jet-skis so the water wasn't much deeper than 20-30 feet at the deepest. Saw lots (and lots) of Orangeband Surgeonfish and some pretty decently sized parrotfish that i will probably bring back next time i go out. Saw some interesting junk on the bottom, including a wooden speargun that had to have been down there for atleast 5 years. I went down to check it out but didnt feel like disturbing it since it looked like it would disintegrate if i touched it.

I wasnt too hip on staying out too long since i was alone, and my previous 6minute breath hold has been (not surprisingly) reduced to 4 min. So i didnt stay down for more than 2-2:30 at a time cause im here for fun, not to die. With that lackluster effort im not sure how deep i'll want to go Saturday, but i might venture a little further out.

If anyone wants to join me i cant offer parking, but you can change/ post shower here and we can walk right across the road and jump in.
and there will be ice cold beers when we get back.
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