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Re: Catalina crossing on 8 hp 2 stroke dinghy?

Hey man,
I totally understand your stoke as to wanting to run to Catalina and back. I do a lot of sailing and am close to my captain's license, as well as being experienced in sail racing and weather patterns. If shit goes downhill in your boat, you're in huge trouble. If you're not familiar with major shipping lanes, weather patterns, light signals, how to radio for help, safety etc, you're asking for trouble. Yes it's been done before and for the jetski thing I'd rather be on a maneuverable jetski than a small dingy getting thrashed. Between here and Catalina it can be lake Pacific where you'll get there quick or trudge through unruly swell.
Even on a fair weathered day, by buddy's bass boat could get us there in 40 minutes if it's flat, but I wouldn't risk his boat let alone our lives hoping the weather holds.

Again, I totally understand your energy behind it man, and with lots of preparation and precautions it could be done. Just understand it's a huge risk.
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