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Re: Zeagle Regulator Blows at 180 ft

Thanks,. I asked the same question at the shop and was told a slight bulge was normal. I was getting paranoid, that this was a flag. I bought the reg a few weeks prior, the owner said it was serviced 2 years ago. I diligently checked for ip creep and also for any leaks or bubbles, with the understanding that myphrchase was conditional on passing these tests. It looked to be in excellent condition and no corrosion. Worked flawlessly on the prior weekend. So as best I can tell, I had no warning - other than knowledge of overdue service.

I was surprised zeagle was not curious enough to ask to take a look at the catastrophic failure.

Incidentally, I asked the former owner if she had taken the reg in recently for a check or anything, with the idea that it had been opened up and the diaphragm got unseated, but she said nope.
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