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Re: Zeagle Regulator Blows at 180 ft

Originally Posted by jfjf View Post
...the owner said it was serviced 2 years ago. ....
Personally, I would never have gotten into the water with a 2 year old service on any rig that I had not rebuilt myself. Or any unknown rebuild for that matter.

For example, I purchased an Apeks DS4 in May, owner said it was just serviced, looked spotless and IP was rock solid. I took it, rebuilt the whole thing, found some items that weren't "just serviced". Not that the guy lied, but you take it to a shop, you never know what they do. Unless I buy it new in the box, it gets a complete rebuild before it hits the water. I have not let anyone touch my regulators in years. Rebuild all my Apeks myself.

I don't like trusting my life to some dive shop monkey, whether on a deep reef or 2 miles back in a cave.
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