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Re: Advise on spearfishing alone

My advice for diving alone:

1) As you are already doing, allow a surface interval at least double your bottom time.
2) Dive well within your "max" limits of breathhold and depth.
3) DO NOT overweight. This means neutral bouyancy at 33 ft. In my PFI clas in Kona a couple years ago, every diver without exception started the class out overweighted.
4) Invest in a freediving class, if for no other reason than what you will learn as regards safety and minimizing risk.
5) Save deep diving and pushing limits for when you ARE able to dive with others of at least equal skill, that have been properly trained and are willing to dive one up, one down. That was one of the best things about taking the PFI class was the ability to safely push limits to the max and knowing you are in good hands.
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