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TANKS what ya think

Well, just got some of my steel HP100's filled at my LDS ... He now tells me that if i let the pressure fall below 350lb. he will need to do a another Vis in order to do a fill.......WTF.....
Last year he tried to tell me that when i let the pressure go below 500, that will let water into the tank and that is why there was a little surface rust in my tanks ... ????? I said, you gota be kidding me .... noop he meant it .... So now I'm not sure if he is a bullshitter or a moron ??? But he or anyone else will NEVER convince me that can happen ! Even with 5lb. or even 0lb. with the valve closed .... Now, if that valve is left open for a period time with many warming and cooling cycles to allow humid air to enter ,, THEN it may be possible ...... but unlikely .... BTW, when tanks are vised , is the humid air purged out as it is being filled ?? What about when being hydroed ? they fill with water ,,, do they always dry it perfectly ? we will never know... Sooo maybe i'll looking for another shop.... Besides, I get tired of begging and the need to kiss his ass to get a good solid fill. At LEAST to 3450 !
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