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Selling the Zodiac, its time to move into a bigger boat.

I purchased this boat a year ago. I put allot of time into it making it a really nice dive boat but its time for me to move to a bigger boat. rated to hold 8 people or 2200#, the motor is factory rebuilt and has less than 140 hrs on it. light the boat can do 35+ mph @ 6K rpm, loaded (4 guys and spearfishing gear) it will push 5500 rpm. i will post pictures later but here is a video of a trip we ran on it.. I'm asking $7000, but I'm open to offers. I'm trying to move into a bigger boat soon so if your interested there's a good chance i can work with you.

the boat is about 18' long, removable tube set with no holes in it (recently had the tubes professionally repaired at Triad Marine in Kemah Texas).
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