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Re: Santa Barbara Conditions Report "Perma-Thread"

Had an AWSOME afternoon in the water today!!

got out at about 2:30 in goleta and was instantly super discouraged as i couldnt see my hand infront of my face. so said to my buddy lets head over to the south end of the kelp bed. got there and it was marginaly better so finally said lets head towards the opposite side of the bed (all well swimming as it was a shore dive, got there and it instantly opened up to about 20ft!!!!

On top of that the area was PACKED with life! tons bait as well as calicos, perch, rock fish, opal eye and all the other usual reef dwellers... held out for a while looking for a ghost but no luck.. so took a few very nice sized calicos and called it a day!

all-in-all my best coastal dive of the year so far. really great to see it like that again, it reminded me why i love this sport so much!
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