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Re: Delorme (Garmin) inReachSE $219 Free Shipping

Originally Posted by CuzzA View Post
Well I'll be damned, GPS is antique electronics. Dude, you are so full of shit it ain't funny. A dead giveaway is whenever someone makes a blanket condemnation of a product or technique without consideration of what others may be doing.

You've been one uping every thread since you showed up around here. Do you even spearfish, own a boat, been further offshore than Tampa Bay with the scary sharks? Or did you sign up just to stir the pot in the religion and politics forum and now you're over here telling everyone you know more than them or how they should communicate with their spouses?

Give it a rest, dude. Post some pics of dead fish for crying out loud (if you even have any).
I say he doesn't have a gps or even a boat to bolt it to (inflatable Sup with Velcro phone holder does not count), a wife or steady girlfriend (or boyfriend to be fair), and quite possibly a speargun.

As far as getting the inReach, I have been considering one for a while but I think Garmin plans on integrating the service into their higher end MFDs with just an antenna. That and my obsessive wife is usually at the helm dropping me on hot ledges beyond cell phone range so my only desire for a text communicator would be to let my friends know how much fun I'm having.
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