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Re: Delorme (Garmin) inReachSE $219 Free Shipping

Originally Posted by kmoose View Post
Yep, obsessive back yapper that made it to my ignore list. Funny he was so bent on the fact that I was assuming he or she was gay? I have no idea if rowow is a girl or guy so I was just trying to be politically correct. An avatar would help but at this point I don't have to care about phone toys for jet skis and magical cell phone boosters that allow free movie downloads 50 nautical miles offshore anymore.
"a wife or steady girlfriend (or boyfriend to be fair)," < that, I dont care what you assume I just think its childish to bring that as part of your argument. So continue being a PC SJW doesn't change the fact that you are childish.

And I never stated 50, my quoted range was half of that (20-30) LMAO thats seriously sad you cant even get 1 number correct. All you had to do was scroll up a little.

Finally how am I obsessive? I stopped replying to you children for TWO WEEKS and YOU still kept on whining. Like seriously dude please stop you are killing me right now. Im laughing so hard right now honestly I cant handle it lmao.
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