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Re: Lake Champlain, VT

Yes, of course, I read it.

The regs are extremely explicit about what to do with a foul hooked fish with hook & line and declaring it unlawful to use a spear gun. Do you really believe that it will be lawful to use a spear gun (or a pole spear) to take Northern Pike and Pickerel given that you can bowfish only for rough fish (Carp, Suckers, Bowfin, Mullet, Gar, Bullhead & Shad)?

Here are a couple of links I came across that should make it clear as to the type of spearing allowed. http://lakechamplainfishing.blogspot...h-on-lake.html and Spearing and Shooting - Grand Isle, Vermont - YouTube

But, if you think you have it right, go ahead and use a spear gun or pole spear to take some limits of Northern Pike (five) or Pickerel (ten) in front of a game warden this March 25 through May 25 and let us know how it goes. The fine is only $25/fish.

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