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Spearing the Big Island

New to Spearboard.

I'm Ethan from Wisconsin, and I have been spearfishing for the last 6 years. I finally have an opportunity to visit Hawaii and i will be on the west side of the big island in Mauna Lani from April 13-April 19.

Spearing lakes in Wisconsin is relatively safe, and the few times I have been to the ocean(once in the Florida Keys to spear) I have learned to not underestimate it. That being said I would appreciate anyone with experience from the island to be a dive partner or possibly hook me up with someone. I'm available anytime of the day during that time span, but from what I have read, I will be targeting early morning calm water.

I'm bringing most of my gear except my OMER 5mm wetsuit. My Rob Allen 70cm will obviously lack range, and my dives will be short after a cold winter. But this is a dream trip to experience a wonderful place and ill be in the water regardless.

Hopefully I can see some of you out there.
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