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Re: Abacos liveaboard spearfishing trip.

Bahamian- With all do respect. I know Steve personally and have been on numerous trips with him to your country and as he clearly states though out this thread he does not do charters it is a cost sharing. He doesn't make any money from these trips. He just likes to be over there sharing the experiences and showing new people your beautiful country and outer islands it helps make it affordable for everyone including himself.

Also he spends a lot of time at the out islands like Grande and Treasure and takes days at a time spending money there and getting supplies.

Also the people that he has been on there trips with over the years, a good number of them have fallen in love with your country and diving over there and go back with out him and rent hotels and stay other places further improving your country so please look at the big picture here. Please re-read Steves posts on this thread. He clearly states numerous times it is not a charter and he doesn't make any money. Its just sharing in the fuel prices and check in fees and other expenses.

Steve is making your country better and bringing and making future travelers to your country and people spending money.
-See you in the Blue-
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