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Re: Baja Rules

To answer a few of the last questions:
LA to Loreto and drive 1 hr north is fastest and best, however not always the cheapest and limited flight days makes for problems too.
So you can fly in cheap to Cabo almost any time or day and drive 7ish hr north. Sounds crazy but Fox did it and saved a lot of money.
Fly in to la paz save a little $$ better flights and drive 5+ hr north.
There is one more option if you live in So Ca and that is to park, taxi to TJ air port and fly cheap to loreto, rent a car and drive the 1 hr north.

The villa is 15 south of Mulege, 1/4 mi south of Santicpac beach on the cliff with its own private beach, Store your boat right there on the beach or my mooring. there are stairs to the Villa and the beach -- good exercise see detailed map for location on web site

I love scouting and learning new areas and this last year I worked with 5 new baja divers I coached and really learn the area very well, new wrecks, bigger and better fish, lobster, great boats and drivers, new just keeps getting better and better.
Highlights from last spring included 50 lb YT, 80 lb grouper, 50 lb Aj, squid, halibut, and diving with our whale sharks, this place has it all for the family reunion (spearo trip) or with the buddies for a big fishing trip to bring home the meat.
try to plan a year out for holidays and 6 mo out for most of the rest of the year.
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