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Originally Posted by geofri View Post
Curious what non-profit the proceeds go to this year?
Last year ALL entry fee's ended up being put back into the prize Category! We did not have any remaining funds left over for a cash donation. This year the same divisions will be in play! If we do have Remaining cash it will be put towards Prizes! Rules are Simple!

Divisions are as follows;

-Bay/Jetty (All Waters inside Jetty Tips)

-State Waters Seaward of Jettys

-Federal Waters

Enter as Freediver or Scuba Diver
5 Fish Limit!

1 Point Per Pound, Any legal Fish within the waters you are hunting!

All State and Federal Rules Apply!

There will be a Youth and Female Division

Divers can only enter in ONE DIVISION , but if you enter in a division and are unsuccessful say you go to federal waters but end up hunting State! You can enter in the applicable area you hunted! I hope this makes since, if not please contact me
Rigs & Reef Classic Spearfishing Tournament

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