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Re: Rigs & Reef Classic Spearfishing Tournament

Today's the Day it's Finally here! All Years efforts all will come together from 3 - 6pm at Woodys Sports Center, Port Aransas Texas! Official count on Divers we have 23 preregistered Spearo's. That means so far we have atleast raised $1035.00 to Donate to (this doesn't include walk up's)

I would like to again thank all the Manufacturers who donate each year to Rigs & Reef Classic

Tito's Vodka Texas
DiveR Australia
Riffe Spearguns
OnBoard BandIt
Neptonics Systems
RawElements USA
Pelican Case
2Skinny / Elite Branding
Spearfishing and Tackle Shop
Woodys Sports Center Port Aransas Tx
South Texas Endodontics
HammerHead Spearguns
The Boil Boss

I also hope everyone who competes understands that if it wasn't for the Prizes these Manufactures have Donated this Tournament would not be what it is! So I am saying Thank you because this is amazing that a Texas Tournament can grow like this, I'm proud of it! And after still serving in the US MILITARY this gives me my family and all of us a chance to give back to those like me who have dedicated there life to serving! We give $100%

Rigs & Reef Classic Spearfishing Tournament

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