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Re: Patagonia donates to antifa

Originally Posted by miguelitro View Post
Patagonia ignores science and blindly pushes their enviro agenda on the public.

Old news but why would you support a company that boldly fought to limit your access to your resources?


He rallied his base to support fishing and spearfishing closures (MPA's without science based rationale) up and down the coast. Mind you, they also rolled out smoked wild caught salmon in their stores at the same time.

And, they had spearfishing in their catalog the next season. The hypocrisy rang loud when supporting the closures, but then using spearos and smoked fish to sell product. Many of the top spearos nicknamed them PataGucci after the whole process and vowed never to buy the brand again. Yvon's kid Fletcher jumped on spearboard to counter what everyone was ranting about. That quickly turned into a mess as he proved to be completely out of touch on the MLPA process or current species management.

Personally, I am a Doug Tompkins fan (RIP) who founded the north face. The guy didn't blast 1% for the planet across all marketing. Yet he quietly bought a million acres of Patagonia with personal funds and donated it all to Chile for conservation. That's epic!
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