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Re: Spearfishing 1 Big Sheephead

Originally Posted by "Yard-Sale Josh" View Post
Excellent diving! Only a handful of people on this coast can actually punch a dive that deep then have the presence to place the shot perfectly and retrieve the catch on the same drop. 9/10 clip. Woulda been a perfect 10 if you weren't so desperate to get back to the surface

Also to everyone here in CA claiming to shoot fish this deep or even close to this deep take a look at this chart:

Notice how his bright yellow weights are a green and no longer a yellow when he goes to retrieve the fish on the bottom? Yeah thats what happens at 70ft.

Dan you should give the PCC's and the sturghill a shot next year dude and see how you do!
Thank you Kyle I appreciate that. And your givin me something to work on now! I have not been in a competition yet, but it is on my to-do list. Right now I am preping for Baja trips and come mid January I am going on an around the world spearfishing trip.

I really like the chart, now spearfishing will be apart of "Sports Science"! lol

I've got enough footage for only two more videos that I need to make right now. But thankfully I am going down south to get some more!
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