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Re: Staining teak

The oil in an oil based stain is typically mineral spirits which is used as a carrier for the solids that actually do the staining. The mineral spirits are intended to flash off. Waiting several days should allow the spirits to evaporate, but you could also try a mock-up on a scrap piece to test for compatibility.

I've had success staining teak with rit dye you buy at the drug store. It's mixed with water. Sometimes dye will penetrate deeper and give darker richer colors than stain. Since the rit dye is cheap you could do one scrap with dye and one scrap with stain and then overcoat them and decide which you like better.

The lighter and less dense the wood, the more it will accept the color. A dense tight grained oily Burmese teak sample will not change much compared to a light plantation teak sample.
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