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Re: Kayak Spearing Fort Lauderdale - help me out?

Originally Posted by ScubaP View Post
Ok for the most part you have to be at least 100yards off the beach or ďswimming area to legally spearfish. For example I know of an awesome spot and itís off the lauderdale by the sea beach or Aka the Oakland ridges. Itís 4 reefs separated by a sandy medium. The first reef is about 50-60yarrds of the coast and extends for about 40-50yards into the ocean and after that are the next reefs. I honestly donít think a kayak is necessary for those spots and would probably hinder you. But the 4th reef which usually includes most of lobsters might be easy to get to if you had a kayak. The depth for the Oakland ridges wonít usually go past 25ft and is great spearing for about 1.5miles along the coast. I know of the good spots so if you ever trying to get a dive in Iím always down.
Im in Ft Lauderdale for vacation until July 22 and brought my freediving gear / polespear with me and Im available to go out anytime. Im staying close to Oakland ridge/reef and would be interested to go for a shore or boat dive.

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