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Re: Hurricane Irma

Originally Posted by mepps1 View Post
Yea, you really have to take things in stride You have to understand that the MSM hypes everything. I waited to the last minute to board up as it was a possibility that it could've gone West of me and caused some serious damage...including storm surge at my residence which I don't mess around with. I can take the wind but....
It took a jog East of us about a 100 miles South. I wish I didn't have to board up my windows BUT you never know. I made the right decision. I still haven't removed the boards and won't until these new threats go away. Right now, Tropical depression Maria is headed right towards us. Screw it. It was enough work putting up those boards. I'm getting my money's worth. My neighbor has the same idea so at least I'm not the turd in the punch bowl.
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