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Re: Woodville Karst Plain Project (WKPP) safety weekend

Good Info. Question: I would assume by "stricken" you mean unconscious? If you're not unconscious, then potentially you have vertigo/heart attack or shark bite. There are very few examples I can think of a diver who's not unconscious that can't get to the surface without help. And if we are talking about the unconscious diver, does it really matter how fast his ascent is? If he's unconscious and underwater, he has certainly drowned. (That might not be the impetus of the problem, but after a minute unconscious underwater, the diver will certainly aspirate water. So then what? I would think the more important task would be to get him to the surface. 15 minutes of deco holding onto a corpse does you nor them any good. Furthermore, if they're not breathing, they're probably not off-gassing sufficiently to make a difference. So again, why have them do a controlled ascent?

If the premise is a stricken diver is someone that is not unconscious, then please excuse my questions.

Thanks for any thoughts on this subject.
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