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Re: Woodville Karst Plain Project (WKPP) safety weekend

Normally one would surface the diver if close to shore and a chamber and medical help was quickly available.Commercial divers will surface slowly and get into a chamber onsite.The trick is the training to not freak out,ascend at a safe rate and get the guy breathing.Offshore I would likely try to do the deco or at least enough to get the guy into position for the boat to assist.

I think there may be a few more guys diving that deep and long but not many and mostly solo or same ocean buddy diving.I can't justify the He for working dives but I'll do fun dives that deep.The WKPP/GUE guys roll their eyes at most spearfishermen in any case.

I miss the early days of internet tech forums,it was a hoot to see "someone" have an aneurism over bungie wings,80% 02,split fins etc..but those guys did a lot to expand the boundaries of diving while bringing back everyone alive.
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