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Re: Woodville Karst Plain Project (WKPP) safety weekend

Agreed. I think the proposed plan is very reasonable up to a certain depth. Bringing an unconscious diver from 100' to the surface in 3 minutes for the boat to begin assisting while you descend to complete your obligation is very reasonable. It doesn't seem so reasonable below 200' or with extended bottom times. Obviously, getting to the surface in 5 minutes or so isn't a problem, which will certainly increase your buddy's chance of survival...but your chance of being able to make it back down for your recompression isn't very least not with that much bottom time, or that much depth in the previous dive. Seems like you're taking too much risk to save someone that is likely dead anyway. Because remember, even if you can get back down to resume your obligation, your buddy can' least not soon enough to save him from a very bad bout of DCS.
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