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Re: Woodville Karst Plain Project (WKPP) safety weekend

Sure it is,it is done thousands,maybe 10s of thousands of times a year by commercial divers.They routinely blow by the stops at 10 to 30fpm to get guys in a surface chamber.We would blow by the deco while trying to keep him from embolizing or taking in water and hand him off to the boat to IWR or start getting him CPR'd and possibly arrange evac via heli or fast boat.
Spearfishing exposures are jokes to actual commercial dives.Even mine and there very few spearfishermen that get within 1/2 what I do in a day on the break.I doubt the brief time above the ceiling would matter.

The ceiling in any case is only a best guess of a point where gasses will be at a tension sufficient to not cause DCS while allowing decompression.It;s not a death sentence nor even a guarantee of DCS.I've blown off deco and seen up to a 1/2 hour blown off when Mr hugeshark got overly friendly without symptoms.Particularly on modern computers where dives 2 and on in deep water are hugely penalized.

Also be aware they guys teach this as they have done it,not as they wish it was or believe it should be.They are protocols developed over years of pushing the very limits of human ability and tolerance where there were no tables and getting tweaked was a probability.Like was mentioned there recorded cases of buddies being saved at extreme depths.These protocols won't guarantee survival but the risk of minor DCS is paltry compared being the guy that left his buddy.

And these things should be discussed prior to diving.Who goes down with me is contingent on stuff like this.I'll take anybody I think suitable diving but only buddy up deep(200+) with guys who don't need to be taught how and why to do this shit.

But,yes he is likely dead,but just like the guy with a thigh or chest wound 100 miles in,you still bring him out and under fire if need be.That's what buddy means.
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