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Re: Cobia Adventure

Excellent idea, I've been thinking of learning the civilian equivilent of mix gas diving for this exact reason because no doubt this is the last frontier! I will be reading and learning with interest as this topic grows in the weeks and months to come. Most of the Mix Gas Tech. divers I've talked to think Spearfishing and Wreck/Deep diving is a bad combination and way too dangerous. However, like everything else you have to train and plan for the worst, working to find solutions instead of just saying it's too risky. Bottom line, you have to shoot to score and this is one area that SB can become the recognized go to resource for guys thinking of stepping it up a little...just my .02cents. Obviously, Chad Carney will be a major provider of information, along with yourself, and others, and I look forward to reading everyones threads.

James Martin
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