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Re: Texas Spearo's Bible

Has potential. You can make this a great handy booklet for vets and newbies. I agree to separate the fresh water from salt fish. Also add all separable fish inshore/ offshore. Add crabs, lobster... .Emergency radio channels for newbies, updated year relevant common rig coordinates, wreaks and reefs with a mini map of locations. Separable shore dive locations and conditions, Updated Buoy locations. More seaman knots.. Basic first aid due to common spero injuries, cpr procedures, most dangerous marine life i.d. shark types, eels, using power heads, using the right tip for the type of hunting you’re doing, use of float lines etc. i.d. types of jellies etc, a dive table if it will fit, Yearly update of speared fish records (who, what, when, where ), fish cleaning, skinning tips, kill shot and lat line diagram, cover freedive and scuba give basic safety tips, also tips to avoid black out add gigging maybe? Basic do’s and don’ts of spearing and boat etiquette…do an essential numbers to know and web site directory like NOAA etc., include Morse code, flag i.d, reading clouds, determining current speed… Color code the sections with either a border around the page or make all fonts same color.
I’m sure I missed some stuff. I’d get all the hand books that are known to be the best, pull out what you need, combine all the spear relevant info for the bible. Some of what I said Is common knowledge, but this is a bible.
No offense to you and you buddies but Id change the cover. Perhaps do a different illustration for each year. A drawing similar to that old Hell Diver Rodeo logo with Neptune spearing fish. Something classic and artsy.. Or actual photo of a current Record holder, holding some huge fish while still in the water…Look at what similar booklets have done successfully for years and (take notes)…Considering newbies are going to pick up your booklet I’d go all out. I’ve seen other booklets have a similar format of info and was packed with sponsors. Apparently this is what the money guys like.
I’m sure you know your profit margins are still low even if every spero bought a book. Sponsors dude$$$...sponsors also want to see your distribution (coastal corner stores, dive shops, bait shops, sporting good stores etc). Also helps to compile a mailing list of subscribers for units being mailed out and direct purchases. Realistically, you may have to give books away for free to your primary distribution. Your distribution will in turn give it away for free. ie: remember those baskets of directories you see next to the door or check out counter? If you can hold out and build up your sponsors, it will all pay for itself and then some . I see this all the time in many local resource guides and directories. Same game different subject matter. I do realize this is your trial run. Your Beta testing. Everything I’ve said was in the spirit of being helpful. I hope I confirmed much of what you already considered.
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