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Patagonia donates to antifa

Saw on the news , Patagonia donated $40,000 to antifa,
A domestic terrorist group , who likes to disrupt Republican rallies and meetings. Seems to have some problems at Berkeley with Trump supporters .
JUst figured it was some right wing news source so I called Patagonia.
THey gave money to a group called "fossil fuels divestment network"
With ended up being donated to antifa ? What kind of strange ass stuff is this ?
All I know , is the young Lady from Patagonia talked in circles even after talking to Corporate and calling me back, but facts seem to be
the social justice warriors got some money from them even if indirectly.
so I am going to boycott a product I would never buy anyway.
Also , the post re , creating mpas , no take zones , supported by Patagonia
Means they are kool-aide distributors , for profit
Feel - good politics selling false ideas with their clothes.
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