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Re: Budget spearfishing trip to Bali?

There are a few charter operations in Bali for spearing that can get you on the fish. It can be good but rarely epic. It gets a lot of pressure. Other islands can be quite good. Be careful of strong currents/downcurrents, they can be deadly there and a friggin scary.

You can take some great and inexpensive freediving courses in Bali. Fusion Freediving is excellent. I highly recommending doing that in Bali. Fun FAD diving there (Amed) as well, though Lovina is also good for FADs.

Not sure how competent of a diver you are but Lombok and Sumbawa are easy and have some fun spearing and they are more productive than Bali. There are other charter operations outside of Bali as well. Bali will be the most expensive unless you hire a local boat driver but for that you need to speak some Bahasa Indonesia.

Western OZ sounds epic. That would be more expensive trip though.

Good luck.
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