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A few weeks back I had some of the best diving for Yellowtail in a while. The day started off at my ultra secret dive spot that we anchored up on and we didn't move for the rest of the day. The place was literally littered with yellows, ranging from 20lbs to 35lbs. I borrowed a Sea Sniper 130 from my buddy Trevor as I lost a shaft the day before on my KAP gun and couldn't make it to the dive shop to replace it. Anyway the gun was not accurate to say the least. I missed 6 shots in a row at one point which was very frustrating. Finally i learned that the gun shoots hella high almost like it's popping a wheelie, super frustrating. Either way I managed to shoot 5 yellows, my buddy TJ shot 5 and Trevor shot 8 lol. If I had my KAP I would have cleaned up house but whatever it is what it is.


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