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Karl Keller

Karl Keller

He charged. He charged no matter what he did, when he ate, when he drove, when he was making those pole spears, when he dove, fished and hunted and when he loved his friends.

He snored like he was operating a chainsaw

His dive shirt was my flag for my trip across the country and was on my front seat beside me the whole way out. He broke my truck down for four days right in his hometown in Louisiana on the way out to Washington state and made sure that I ate and saw everything about that place that I was ready to disregard. It is a paradise.

He communicated with us after he died. I don't know how something like that is possible, but it happened.

He used to call my boat the “Fruit Basket” (a cornucopia of fun or love or some such) and in spite of my insistence for a cooler name that name pretty much stuck

He cut bait right on my boat instead of using a cutting board and I when he did it I gave him that “dude!?!” look and my boat still has the knife marks on it (and they are the best part of the boat). That's how he rolled


Once he didn’t like you…sorry but that was it. You who he didn't like were just as much a part of making him the guy he was and I think he had an affection for you too. He just needed you in a different way to express himself.

He’s the guy that would fly out of bed at any hour to tow your truck (he once towed both my truck and boat) or help you in any way that he could.

He insisted on putting stuff on my boat that I didn't want on there and I was forever cleaning it up and then he'd load it back up with junk (including a dried up duck foot for "luck")

He’d feed you from a position of lack and then feed you seconds. He'd offer you from what he had.

He looked after people even when they were mistreating him because he knew they were acting out of weakness (I can't understand this but who can know the ways of the angels?).

From what I hear from other people that loved him and were on the scene he was charging when he died.

Miss you Karl
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